Spanish-language Maker Class at Parkland

Francisco Seufferheld and Jeannine Koninckx have spent the past couple years translating IMMLP instructional materials into Spanish. Recently, they had an opportunity to bring that material to life at Parkland Community College in Champaign, where they taught a marketplace / maker literacy workshop in Spanish for adolescents in Central Illinois.

Students in the workshop met for three sessions at Parkland followed by a final session at the MakerLab in the College of Business in July 2016. They learned lessons about the value chain of consumer goods, how goods are made in factories, how they could make hand-crafted goods themselves, concepts in sustainable design, and 3-D printing. The sessions culminated with the students learning how to design and print objects they generated with Tinkercad software.

In addition, Francisco and Jeannine traveled with a team from Parkland to Pontiac, Illinois, where they taught principles of marketplace and maker literacy in Spanish to migrant families in the area. Parents and children were in attendance and actively involved and engaged in the session.

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