MBA Class Project in Southern Illinois

As we have made progress in community outreach, our education for students is taking shape. With much encouragement and initiative from Connie Beck and Ron Duncan, our Illinois Extension and field coordinators in Southern Illinois, we conducted an MBA class project on sustainability in agriculture which included a field trip.

This project combines a variety of issues from agriculture and chemical runoff to related water issues wherein the students came up with a unique solution and a business plan. This was greatly aided by guidance from Ron, a field experience, and interviews with community members.

Now, this project is being considered as an exemplar for an on-campus course as it provides real-world experience, including field immersion.

Our team in Southern Illinois is also supporting Illinois’ iMBA program through virtual interviews for our students worldwide for their projects. More than 100 students from all over the world will observe and participate in virtual interviews from five countries, including our very own communities in Southern Illinois.

Our larger vision is to provide an educational ecosystem for both virtual (videos, simulations, etc.) and actual immersion into low income communities in rural USA.

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