project summaries

Spanish-Language MLP Lessons Across Illinois

Thanks to the efforts of our instructors Francisco Seufferheld and Jeannine Koninckx Horta, students of all ages in multiple cities in Illinois have been able to learn marketplace and maker literacy this summer. The three-week program has been connected to … Continued

MBA Class Project in Southern Illinois

As we have made progress in community outreach, our education for students is taking shape. With much encouragement and initiative from Connie Beck and Ron Duncan, our Illinois Extension and field coordinators in Southern Illinois, we conducted an MBA class … Continued

Instructor’s Manuals Online!

Thanks to our dedicated team of authors and translators, a series of manuals for teaching marketplace and maker literacy in the United States is now available online in English and Spanish! The manuals include instructor’s and script manuals for marketplace … Continued

What we’ve been doing in Illinois

The IMMLP project began with pilot educational efforts from the fall of 2013 to the spring of 2014 at Urbana Adult Education, and summer, 2014, in Chicago and Southern Illinois. Our initial efforts were to set up maker labs and initiate … Continued

Marketplace Literacy Programs in Tanzania from 2013 to 2015

  The Marketplace Literacy Program has been working with Oikos East Africa (OEA), a conservation and sustainable development NGO in Tanzania, to launch consumer and entrepreneurial literacy in tribal communities. Two of the primary tenets of OEA’s mission are to … Continued