Our Vision

To Empower low-income, low-literate individuals through skills, self-confidence, and awareness of rights, to be more informed consumers, entrepreneurs, employees and citizens.



The vision behind the program is detailed on in the presentation below:

We have established a marketplace literacy program and now set up maker spaces in rural and urban locations across Illinois. The partners listed below allow us to leverage areas of expertise across the University. UI Extension Unit 27 and Bethel New Life in Chicago are the implementation partners

This is a collaborative, change-oriented program, drawing expertise from across multiple disciplines for outreach into disadvantaged communities. We aim to empower members of these communities to participate in the marketplace by enhancing their “making” literacy.

Our Partners

University of Illinois

Illinois MakerLab and Subsistence Marketplaces Initiative/Sustainable Marketplaces Lab
College of Business
U of Illinois Extension – Unit 27 – Vienna
Academy of Entrepreneurial Leadership
Entrepreneurs Without Borders – Student RSO
College of Engineering; Women and Gender in Global Perspectives
Community Informatics Institute
Center for African Studies

External Partners

Bethel New Life, Chicago
Marketplace Literacy Project, Illinois
Man-Tra-Con, Inc.
Marketplace Literacy Communities, India
OIKOS East Africa, Tanzania